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Edmodo Teach-nology Series: Part II (Troubleshooting Measures for Student Misuse)

• January 22, 2011 • Comments (1)

Since I have integrated the use of Edmodo with my American Literature students, I have noticed a marked difference in the sheer volume or work that they have completed. The Edmodo site has allowed them to focus their energy and time in a manner that allows them to have a semblance of control. Typically, I have used the beginning of class to provide a brief mini lesson. Students have a ticket out the door to exit the classroom. When they exit they enter the lab across the hall. They know that they must complete the assignments there. The silence in the room is astonishing. Students are actively working to complete their assignments, sending messages to me, and using resources such as online dictionaries, and textbooks to complete the tasks. The customary moaning and complaining has been replaced by typing! For instructors considering the use of Edmodo in the classroom, there are a few easily remedied problems that could occur. Here are a few to anticipate and watch out for: 1. Edmodo is not without its potential for abuse. Students know that they can post comments within the class. I have had to break up two online battle of words that erupted from a content based disagreement, but quickly transformed into what could be only be described as a virtual fist fight. 2. Within the same vein of unpremeditated inappropriate comments, are malicious, intentional viciousness. While this has not happened to me yet, I did prepare for this possibility. Students can join the class with simple use of the code. ANYONE with the code can join. This opens up the possibility of signing up under a fake identity and posting inflammatory or inappropriate comments within the Edmodo community. This can be remedied by changing the code once each of your own students is enrolled in your group. 3. Despite the notion that students are infinitely savvy digital beings, there are a surprisingly significant number of students who struggle with basic word processing. As a special education collaborative literature teacher, I probably encounter this situation more than most high school teachers would. These students are representative of your lower level students and/or those who do not have access to technology on a regular basis. The ease of working independently is completely absent in these situations. Being able to copy and paste, retrieve saved documents, and utilize thesaurus and spell check features quickly were challenges for this minority of students. The result? An additional training session on basic applications and how, where, and when to use them. For a comprehensive application, such as Edmodo, these potential glitches do represent a tiny margin when assessing functionality and ease of use. Edmodo continues to be the most effective social networking tool for students that I have encountered.

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  1. Kasey Wyatt says:

    Thanks for those tips. I started Edmodo with my British Literature classes and I immediately had some of the same concerns you mentioned. I will take those steps to keep my Edmodo appropriate and on track!
    Kasey Wyatt
    Naperville, IL

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